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Forensic probe of Bali’s great volcano

My colleagues and I wrote a piece for the American Geophysical Union’ s (AGU’s) Eos magazine about Agung volcano on Bali, Indonesia. You can read it here: https://eos.org/science-updates/forensic-probe-of-balis-great-volcano

Print copies of the April 2019 issue of Eos, featuring a beautiful display for our article!

In the Eos article, we talk about how studying minerals like pyroxene and feldspar can help us to learn more about volcano-magma systems.

Lavas from Agung on Bali contain numerous crystals
Lavas from Agung on Bali contain numerous crystals, such as this pyroxene surrounded by plagioclase feldspar (viewed under a polarizing microscope; field of view is approximately 3 millimeters (mm)). These crystals are held in a groundmass (or matrix) made of tiny, barely perceptible crystals (microlites) and glass (former melt).