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Peer-reviewed scientific articles (see also my Google Scholar page):

Deegan, F.M., Whitehouse, M.J., Troll, V.R., Geiger, H., Jeon, H., le Roux, P., Harris, C., van Helden, M., González-Maurel, O. (2021) Sunda arc mantle source δ18O value revealed by intracrystal isotope analysis. Nature Communications 12, 3930. DOI (open access).

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Bédard, J.H., Saumur, B.-M., Tegner, C., Troll, V.R., Deegan, F.M., Evenchick, C.A., Grasby, S.E., Dewing, K. (2021) Geochemical systematics of High Arctic Large Igneous Province continental tholeiites from Canada – Evidence for progressive crustal contamination in the plumbing system. Journal of Petrology, egab041. DOI (open access).

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Whitley, S., Halama, R., Gertisser, R., Preece, K., Deegan, F.M., Troll, V.R. (2020) Magmatic and metasomatic effects of magma-carbonate interaction recorded in calc-silicate xenoliths from Merapi volcano (Indonesia). Journal of Petrology 61, egaa048. DOI.

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Whitley S., Gertisser R., Halama R., Preece K., Troll V.R., Deegan F.M. (2019) Crustal CO2 contribution to subduction zone degassing recorded through calc-silicate xenoliths in arc lavas. Scientific Reports 9, 8803 DOIPDF (open access).

Deegan F.M., Troll V.R. and Geiger H. (2019) Volcano forensics at Bali’s great volcano. Transactions of the American Geophysical Union, EOS 100 DOI, PDF (open access).

Geiger H.,  Troll V.R., Jolis E.M., Deegan F.M., Harris C., Hilton D.R. and Freda C. (2018) Multi-level magma plumbing at Agung and Batur volcanoes increases risk of hazardous eruptions. Scientific Reports 8, 10547 DOI, PDF (open access). Top 100 accessed articles in Earth Science in 2018 (rank #10).

Berg, S.E., Troll, V.R., Harris, C., Deegan, F.M., Riishuus, M.S., Burchardt, S., Krumbholz, M. (2018) Exceptionally high whole-rock δ18O values in intra-caldera rhyolites from Northeast Iceland. Mineralogical Magazine 82, 1147-1168 DOI.

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