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The results from Deegan et al. 2016 (Boron isotope fractionation in magma via crustal carbonate dissolution) were featured in a 2017 CAMECA advertisement in a special issue of the journal Elements called “Boron: Light and Lively” (below).

Above: Back scattered electron (BSE) images and δ11B profiles for representative (a,b) Vesuvius and (c,d) Merapi experiments. The solid red line on the BSE images (a,c) represents the SIMS traverse and the red symbols indicate analysis spots. In (b) and (d), average δ11B values for different glass compositional domains are represented by red horizontal bars and the full range of starting material values measured is indicated by black dashed horizontal lines. The CaO-rich glasses have significantly lower δ11B values than both the starting material and the CaO-normal glass due to transport of 11B away from the reaction site in the CO2 vapour. 



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