Supervision, teaching & examinations

Research supervision:

PhD students

Main supervisor for Harri Geiger, Uppsala University, Sweden. PhD completed in 2019. “Trans-crustal magma storage in contrasting tectonic settings”. 

Co-supervisor for Sylvia Berg, Uppsala University, Sweden. PhD completed in 2016. “Silicic magma genesis in basalt-dominated oceanic settings: examples from Iceland and the Canary Islands.”

Co-supervisor for David Budd, Uppsala University, Sweden. PhD completed in 2016. “Characterising volcanic magma plumbing systems: a tool to improve eruption forecasting at hazardous volcanoes.”

Master students

Main supervisor for Camille Bourgeoisat, University of Paris Diderot, France. MSc completed in 2019. “Magma supply to ocean island rift zones,
example of the Northeast Rift Zone on Tenerife, Canary Islands”.

Main supervisor for Erika Hagerfors, Uppsala University, Sweden, MSc completed in 2018. “Formation of Sulphides in the Canadian High Arctic Large Igneous Province; Testing the Influence of Sedimentary Rocks.”

Main supervisor for Konstantinos Thomaidis, Uppsala University, Sweden. MSc completed in 2017: “Behaviour of Boron Isotopes During Magmatic Degassing and Application to B-Rich Volcanic Glass from Lesbos, Greece.”

Doctoral thesis assessor:

External Master thesis assessor:

Examiner for Charlotte Fredriksson, Stockholm University, Sweden in 2019. “U-Pb zircon geochronology and petrogenesis of igneous conglomerate clasts and mafic rocks in the NE Yukon-Koyukuk basin, Alaska: with implications for their source terrane”.

Teaching (under- and post-graduate courses):

Course co-ordinator and teacher in the MSc course “Our Natural Resources” at Uppsala University.

Course co-ordinator and teacher in the BSc course “Resources and Environment” at Uppsala University.

Course co-ordinator and teacher in the MSc course “Ore Deposits” at Uppsala University.

Previous courses at Stockholm University include “Field Studies” (MSc level), “Mineralogy” and “Metamorphic Petrology” (BSc level).

Updates about my research about geochemistry & volcanoes