Supervision & teaching

Research supervision:

Main supervisor for Harri Geiger, PhD student from late 2014 who is working on characterising magma plumbing systems in terms of magma storage depth and their interaction with the surrounding crust.

Co-supervisor for Sylvia Berg (PhD completed): “Silicic magma genesis in basalt-dominated oceanic settings: examples from Iceland and the Canary Islands”








Co-supervisor for David Budd (PhD completed): “Characterising volcanic magma plumbing systems: a tool to improve eruption forecasting at hazardous volcanoes”


Supervisor for two MSc students: Lina Barke, who is working on thermobarometry of the Northeast rift-zone on Tenerife, Canary Islands and Konstantinos Thomaidis, who is working on boron isotope geochemistry of boron-rich glass from Lesbos Island, Greece.


Course co-ordinator and teacher in the MSc course “Our Natural Resources” at Uppsala University.

Course co-ordinator and teacher in the BSc course “Resources and Environment” at Uppsala University.

Participating teacher in the MSc course “Ore and Surficial Deposits” at Uppsala University.

Previous courses at Stockholm University include “Field Studies” (MSc level), “Mineralogy”, and “Metamorphic Petrology” (BSc level).


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