Hello! I am a Swedish Research Council supported researcher in the program for Mineralogy, Petrology and Tectonics at Uppsala University. My research focuses on igneous petrology, geochemistry, and volcanology.

I am especially interested in experimentally studying magma-crust interaction and the petrology of subduction zone and ocean island volcanoes. Recent research adventures have brought my co-workers and I to the High Arctic Large Igneous Province to study magma-sedimentary rock interaction. 

I am using this website to archive my publications and CV as well as to blog a little about my research and where it takes me. I am new to blogging, so let’s see how this goes! Thanks for reading!

(That’s me – photo taken by Yan Bourke)

And here are some pictures of me in fieldwork mode – in the Canadian High Arctic in 2015, top and at Papandayan volcano in Indonesia in 2008, bottom:

This tweet was also picked up by Science Nordic here.

A blog about my research in geology & volcanology