Editorial-reviewed articles

Gertisser, R., Deegan F.M., Troll, V.R., and Preece, K. (2018) Agung eruption continues with intermittent moderate explosive activity Geology Today 34, in press.

Gertisser, R., Deegan F.M., Troll, V.R., and Preece, K. (2018) When the gods are angry: volcanic crisis and eruption at Bali’s great volcano. Geology Today 34, 62-65 DOI.

Agung volcano in 2008.

Troll V.R., Carracedo J.C., Jägerup B., Streng M., Barker A.K, Deegan F.M., Pérez-Torrado, F.J., Rodriguez-Gonzalez, A. and Geiger H. (2017) Volcanic particles in agriculture and gardening. Geology Today 33, 148-154 DOI.

A quarry for “picón” on Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. Picón are volcanic particles that are used in agriculture in the Canaries.

Deegan, F.M., Troll, V.R., Bédard, J.H., Evenchick, C.A., Dewing, K., Grasby, S., Geiger, H., Freda, C., Misiti, V., Mollo, S. (2016) The stiff upper LIP – investigating the High Arctic Large Igneous Province. Geology Today 32, 92-98 DOI.

An evaporite dome in the Canadian High Arctic.
An evaporite dome in the Canadian High Arctic.

Troll, V.R., Deegan, F.M., Burchardt, S., Zaczek, K., Carracedo, J.C., Meade, F.C., Soler, V., Cachao, M., Ferreira, J., Barker, A.K. (2015) Nannofossils: the smoking gun for the Canarian hotspot. Geology Today 31, 137-145 DOI.

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Deegan, F.M., Troll, V.R., Freda, C., Misiti, V., Chadwick, J.P. (2011) Fast and furious: crustal CO2 release at Merapi volcano, Indonesia. Feature Article, Geology Today 27, 63-64 DOI.

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